What does Star Trek have to do with our Kazoos?

William Shatner, the legendary actor, world famous for his role as the star ship commander on the enterprise recently stared on Boston Legal an ABC TV episode. Bill’s character portrayed him as quite the ladies man…while at least he thought so! He celebrated his many conquests throughout the show with a fanfare from our vintage metal trombone kazoo. While this might not be the inspiration that a music teacher may embrace for her students it is just yet another example of the many fun and creative uses that our customers have for this famous instrument.

Music Treasures Co, one of the world’s largest Kazoo suppliers features a huge product selection of kazoo designs at a variety of price points for both institutions and party people. Bill’s unintended promotion of our vintage metal trombone kazoo created such an interest we sold out in a week! This continues to be one of our all time favorite’s designs.

The kazoo is an inexpensive whistle-like instrument that players produce a sound by humming into the kazoo body. The players creative hum pitch is transferred into the kazoo resonator that allows an internal diaphragm to vibrate that produces the sound. Since the kazoo has no orifice blowing into the instrument produces no sound. If you can hum you can play the kazoo!

Music Teachers find this a perfect product to introduce youngsters to music in rhythm band exercises. You can find a variety of Kazoos and other instructional products at Music Treasures Co. America’s Music & dance Headquarters.

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