An Unusual Gift for a Musician

Music Treasures Co. specializes in handcrafted, functional and artistically-designed musical instrument lamps. The result is impressive, attention-grabbing, conversation pieces that never go out of style.  Whether it’s the class of brass, the understated beauty of wood, or the wild look of an electric guitar, Music Treasures Company handcrafts one-of-a-kind unique lighting fixtures in harmony with your needs. The instruments are made from real instruments adapted into a floor or table lamp that fits any décor.

Last year an editor from the New York Times discovered our Saxophone table lamp and requested permission to feature this unique product as an example of unusual Christmas gifts in the newspaper. The article resulted in an unprecedented surge orders for the lamp that keep our elves busy way beyond the Christmas holidays.

Our on-line store features a trumpet, flute, clarinet, violin and sax lamp that is usually in stock. Our stock availability is limited to our constant search form instruments manufacturers that can supply us with visually acceptable but otherwise unsalable instruments that can be modified for use as a lamp.

We also can convert retired instruments that may be unplayable into a personal musical treasure that can be once again enjoyed with fond memories. If you have an old instrument in the attic from Grandpa Joe and want to preserve it contact the Music Treasures Company for a quote. 800-666-7565

If you looking for an unusual gift visit Music Treasures Co at but don’t wait until the last minute because some of the unique treasures are in limited supply!

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