The Music Treasures Story

Mr. Wade Arledge, a prominent music teacher and bandleader in Richmond VA founded music Treasures Co. in 1968. Wade, a true entrepreneur, left the excitement and challenges of teaching with the thought of using fund raising as a vehicle to launch a new business venture. Eventually Wade developed many sources for musically inspired gifts and, within five years, managed to accumulate seven hundred low cost gifts. These were published on B&W sale sheets and sent directly to band directors and music teachers. Wade traveled the US promoting his wares at the local and state music conferences and soon was able to publish the first full-color Music Treasures catalog for national distribution.

Growing businesses have significant cash demands and require different personnel as they mature. In 1991, Wade sold the business to the current owner Daniel Tuszynski Jr. Dan, a former General Electric Co. business executive and previous trumpet player, with marketing and business skills was poised for the challenge. Dan successfully embraced digital technology in publishing and distributing the catalog that grew from 24 to 148 pages over the last 15 years. He also upgraded information services, reorganized the product line of over 5000 items, and, in 1996, relocated the company’s distribution center to a new modern facility. A new music and dance internet endeavor was launched in 2005 allowing on-line shopping capability for both Music Treasures’ retail customers and it’s wholesale distribution network of close to 1500 stores world-wide. Music Treasures Co and its several hundred-business partner now offer an extensive line of both products and services unmatched by the competition.

Music Treasures Co., America’s Music and Dance Resource Center, is truly a one-stop shop for the music & dance educator, music lover, professional musician, dance or music retailer and student. We shop world wide to provide our customers with unique products not commonly available in your local market. Many of the products are exclusive as we team with manufactures and artisans to provide you with unique products at affordable prices. We introduce 400-800 new products a year; offer free catalogs to support your local music or dance programs; offer many special personalized services; give generous discounts for quantity purchases; have custom imprint programs; offer fund raising programs; and actually respond to questions online, in writing or on the phone. Our product line offering is too long to list, and we work daily to make the list even longer. We invite you to shop with us and explore the world of music treasures!

An Inexpensive Promotional Tool

An Inexpensive Promotional Tool

Personalizing a pencil can be an effective way to reward your students and promote your studio or special event. Additionally the pencils can be customized to make your design even more unique. There is more to designing a pencil than you might think.

First you have a generous array of pencil colors for the barrel to choose. Then the eraser can also become a design element. While the standard ruddy reddish eraser top is a standard default you can also consider a variety of neon colors, red, matt black, white, spiral black & white, custom designed insets that are molded into the eraser. A “heart” is my favorite but many other simple shapes are possible. Your next selection is the nib color. That’s the brass thing that holds the eraser to the wood pencil body. That baby can be shinny brass, silver, red, Black.

Don’t forget you can choose the lead hardness or softness. Actually what we refer to a lead pencil is really graphite & clay compound that is rated by three general characteristics, Hardness (H), Blackness (B) and Fine Point (F). The twenty point scale goes from the hardest (9H) to the softest (9B) with the American standard for general writing instruments being 2H. Who cares? While it usually doesn’t affect the product when you are in the custom pencil design game and you have a choice. Depending on the intended use of the pencil you can achieve quite a startling impact with the user.

The pencil body can be either round or hexagon. The more popular is round body but some users like the hex design that allows a more secure grip of the instrument.

Now we can get down to the promotional message of logo design. Usually the message starts near the top of the pencil (Near the nib) rather than the pencil center so as the pencil is ground down the message is retained for a longer period.

The impression can be made as a foil stamp or a silk screen application.

The foil stamp requires a small investment in a metal or composite die that can transfer the metallic foil imprint to the wood pencil body. The foil colors vary but gold and silver are the most favorite. The design must be simple and is usually limited to a type set of letters and/or numbers.

The silk screen application allows a greater degree of creativity and color options. Recent advances often allow the designer to use photographs that can be imprinted on a thin cover medium that is the “wrapped” on the pencil barrel. This process requires the customer to submit digital artwork that is separated by color to the processor. The more colors required significantly increases the set up costs and ultimately the cost of the product.

The cost of the product depends greatly on the quantity of the production run and the number of colors used in the design. Usually there is a design or art charge ($60-90/ hour), the set-up charge for production, a screen or die charge (depends on the colors required), the run charge / piece (depends on the order volume) and delivery charge Weight and distance). Production time can be as short as three days after art is approved (extra rush charges are incurred) but generally take 2- 3 weeks.

I have seen offers for custom pencils for as little as a dozen. These offers are not common nor are they profitable for the supplier to execute. Custom pencils are usually sold in gross quantities. (12 doz. = Gross). Most manufactures in the US require an order of ten gross pencils but five gross can sometimes be negotiated. Orders placed in China often require production orders of 50,000 pieces but can be 50% the cost of an American made product.

You can save money by being creative with the various design elements available in designing a customer pencil. Keep the imprint colors to a minimum if your order quantity is small and choose a typesetting option to avoid art and set –up charges. Custom pencils can cost $.20 – .50 each depending on your order size and choice of the creative elements discussed.

Halleonard Site – a new resource

Hal Leonard Corporation – the world’s largest and most respected music print publisher is teaming with Music Treasures Co. – America’s Music and Dance Educational Resource Center to provide the entire Hal Leonard Library of Products, over 103,000 titles to on-line shoppers at the New Music Treasures Hal Leonard on-line store. Now customers will have access to the world’s largest music print publisher that for over 60 years has been publishing and distributing publications for virtually every type of instrument and ensemble.

The inventory is huge so shoppers can narrow their product selection by using the advanced search engine on the home page or just surf one of 15 product categories to explore their options. Products are shipped directly from one of five warehouses directly to your door. Free shipping is allowed for orders over $250 so shop early and stock up for the new schools year.

New Product Annoucement

We just received new silicone bracelets in a variety of colors , imprinted with music symbols. The 2.25″ dia band is made of surgical rubber , is washable and expands to accommodate  most wrists. Another new variation of the product is a really cool Glow-in-the-Dark that turns a florescent lime green color when you move into a dark room or wear it at night. This new product is imprinted with a black music score . The bracelets can be purchased individually or in a bulk pack to save a little $$$$.

Free Music Gift Catalog

Free Music Gift Catalog is now available with every new order.  Historically we sent a catalog upon request but we started tracking orders relative to catalog requester .  We sent  5000 catalogs at a cost of $2.00 and received no orders! We are not sure why people requested catalogs with no intention of placing an order but we do not offer that service anymore. We do publish an electronic version of the catalog on line that can be down loaded, we offer a free catalog with your order or if you insist on a mailed catalog there is a $2.00 charge to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Teachers may request free catalogs they intend to hand out to students or use as a give away at a convention . We pay for the shipping and offer the catalogs free of charge.

Ring my Chinese Gong!

When you visit Music Treasures, our lobby has an authentic Chinese Gong that you can ring to let us know you are here.  The gong will get our attention and we can show you our warehouse and clearance sections.

What does Star Trek have to do with our Kazoos?

William Shatner, the legendary actor, world famous for his role as the star ship commander on the enterprise recently stared on Boston Legal an ABC TV episode. Bill’s character portrayed him as quite the ladies man…while at least he thought so! He celebrated his many conquests throughout the show with a fanfare from our vintage metal trombone kazoo. While this might not be the inspiration that a music teacher may embrace for her students it is just yet another example of the many fun and creative uses that our customers have for this famous instrument.

Music Treasures Co, one of the world’s largest Kazoo suppliers features a huge product selection of kazoo designs at a variety of price points for both institutions and party people. Bill’s unintended promotion of our vintage metal trombone kazoo created such an interest we sold out in a week! This continues to be one of our all time favorite’s designs.

The kazoo is an inexpensive whistle-like instrument that players produce a sound by humming into the kazoo body. The players creative hum pitch is transferred into the kazoo resonator that allows an internal diaphragm to vibrate that produces the sound. Since the kazoo has no orifice blowing into the instrument produces no sound. If you can hum you can play the kazoo!

Music Teachers find this a perfect product to introduce youngsters to music in rhythm band exercises. You can find a variety of Kazoos and other instructional products at Music Treasures Co. America’s Music & dance Headquarters.

An Unusual Gift for a Musician

Music Treasures Co. specializes in handcrafted, functional and artistically-designed musical instrument lamps. The result is impressive, attention-grabbing, conversation pieces that never go out of style.  Whether it’s the class of brass, the understated beauty of wood, or the wild look of an electric guitar, Music Treasures Company handcrafts one-of-a-kind unique lighting fixtures in harmony with your needs. The instruments are made from real instruments adapted into a floor or table lamp that fits any décor.

Last year an editor from the New York Times discovered our Saxophone table lamp and requested permission to feature this unique product as an example of unusual Christmas gifts in the newspaper. The article resulted in an unprecedented surge orders for the lamp that keep our elves busy way beyond the Christmas holidays.

Our on-line store features a trumpet, flute, clarinet, violin and sax lamp that is usually in stock. Our stock availability is limited to our constant search form instruments manufacturers that can supply us with visually acceptable but otherwise unsalable instruments that can be modified for use as a lamp.

We also can convert retired instruments that may be unplayable into a personal musical treasure that can be once again enjoyed with fond memories. If you have an old instrument in the attic from Grandpa Joe and want to preserve it contact the Music Treasures Company for a quote. 800-666-7565

If you looking for an unusual gift visit Music Treasures Co at but don’t wait until the last minute because some of the unique treasures are in limited supply!

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